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All the links you need to help you sell with JBF Reno

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Schedule your drop off time & Prepay your consignor fee.

Seller Schedule

Info on shopping times & pick-up

Seller's Guide

Your 5 step go-to all things JBF selling!

Valet Tagging

Our Valet Tagging Program connects Sellers with Taggers who can prepare and price your items.  

You get all the perks of a JBF Seller - including shopping EARLY! 

Complete the contact form below and we will connect you with an available tagger.

Limited Space - Learn More and Sign Up Now!

What to Bring

We sell All Seasons at both of our sales.  We do however know what sells and what doesn't.  So to be sure check our list.

Car Seat & Crib Waivers

CAR SEATS - Are you the original owner of the car seat, does it have more than one year left before it expires, has it never been involved in a car crash.  Complete this waiver and bring it with the car seat to the sale to sell.

CRIB - Do you have a crib that was manufactured after 2011, has all its original parts, has not been recalled.  Use this waiver and bring it with the crib to the sale to sell.


We sell supplies at cost.  We have two meet-ups at the Sparks Library to get purchased supplies, ask questions, make tags and prepare items.


Arrange for Porch Pick up in Sparks

Claim Tickets

Download for your large items

Please use cardstock when printing

Claim tickets also available at drop off

Employees & 
Team Members

Help make the sale great!!

Employees are experienced JBF'ers who can work a minimum of 12 hours, make an hourly wage, shop early and earn a higher percentage.

Team Members are consignor who help at the sale for a higher percentage & a bonus on their check for certain shifts.  Team Member shifts open August 1st.

Seller Referral Program

We want you to be able to make as much money as possible at our sale. 

For every NEW seller you refer, you receive 5% of their sold profits PLUS a $10 referral bonus the first time they sell their items at a JBF Reno sale!  

We realize the more families that sell the bigger the sale will be and the more of your items will sell, so why not get a percentage helping make the sale better? (Note: The percentage is taken from JBF, NOT from the seller).